Unleashing the Power of Siemens AC Drives: Enhance Productivity Today

Unleashing the Power of Siemens AC Drives: Enhance Productivity Today

Siemens AC Drives are highly efficient and reliable motor control devices. They offer precise speed and torque control, ensuring optimal performance in various industrial applications. With advanced technology and intelligent features, Siemens AC Drives deliver seamless operation, energy savings, and reduced maintenance costs. Experience smooth and efficient motor control with Siemens AC Drives.

Siemens AC Drives offer advanced features and numerous benefits for your industrial applications. With their cutting-edge technology and reliable performance, these drives ensure optimal control and efficiency.

Key Features:

1. Wide Range of Power Ratings: Siemens AC Drives come in a variety of power ratings to suit different application requirements, from small-scale machinery to large industrial systems.

2. Precise Speed Control: The advanced control algorithms of Siemens AC Drives enable accurate speed regulation, ensuring smooth operation and improved productivity.

3. Energy Efficiency: These drives are designed to enhance energy efficiency, reducing power consumption and lowering operational costs. They incorporate intelligent energy-saving features, such as regenerative braking and automatic motor control, maximizing energy conservation.

4. Robust and Reliable: Siemens AC Drives are built to withstand harsh environments and heavy-duty usage. Their durable construction and high-quality components ensure long-term reliability and minimal downtime.

5. Flexible Communication Options: These drives support various communication protocols, allowing seamless integration into existing control systems. They offer compatibility with common fieldbus networks, enabling easy monitoring and control.


1. Increased Productivity: Siemens AC Drives enable precise speed control, ensuring consistent and efficient operation of industrial machinery. This leads to improved productivity and higher output.

2. Cost Savings: By optimizing energy consumption, these drives help reduce electricity expenses. The energy-saving features and intelligent control algorithms contribute to significant cost savings over time.

3. Enhanced System Performance: The reliability and ruggedness of Siemens AC Drives ensure uninterrupted operation and minimize equipment failure. This translates to improved system performance and reduced maintenance requirements.

4. Simplified Integration: With their flexible communication options, these drives can be seamlessly integrated into existing automation systems, simplifying installation and reducing downtime during the integration process.

5. Future-proof Solution: Siemens is a trusted brand known for its innovative technologies and continuous development. Choosing Siemens AC Drives ensures a future-proof solution that can adapt to evolving industrial needs.

Invest in Siemens AC Drives today and experience the power of advanced control, energy efficiency, and reliable performance in your industrial applications.

Siemens AC Drives Portfolio

  • SINAMICS V20 – The cost-effective, reliable and easy-to-use inverter for basic applications.
  • SINAMICS G120 – The SINAMICS G120 frequency inverter is designed to provide precise and cost-effective speed/torque control of AC motors. With different device versions (frame sizes FSA to FSGX) in a power range from 0.37 kW to 250 kW (0.5 hp to 400 hp), it is suitable for a wide variety of drive solutions
  • SINAMICS G120C – Th G120 Compact as all the attributes of the G120 but is a non-modular drive that covers the range from 0.55 kW to 132 kW
  • SINAMICS G120X – SINAMICS G120X is optimised for pump and fan applications in infrastructure projects. The new frequency converter comes as a complete product series – standardised and seamless when it comes to all supply voltages and supply types, and available in a power range from 0.75 kW to 630 kW. The devices are in compliance with global EMC standards and motor cable lengths of up to 150 m are permissible while maintaining EMC limit values. The integrated Safe Torque Off (STO) safety function is certified according to SIL3. With a durable design, including optional protection against dripping water, the SINAMICS G120X can be used in harsh conditions and temperatures ranging from -20°c to 60°c, depending on the model. The frequency converter can also be operated under environmental conditions according to the 3C3 standard. Thanks to its connection to the Cloud with SINAMICS CONNECT 300, SINAMICS G120X is also digitalisation ready.
  • SINAMICS G120P – Pump and Fan applications. Easy handling, productivity and energy efficiency – Siemens offers an answer to these trends with the SINAMICS G120P series. SINAMICS G120P is an innovative and user-friendly converter series that has been specifically optimized for pump, fan and compressor applications in the industrial environment, but also for tasks in building automation.SINAMICS G120P offers efficient drive solutions for a wide range of applications. With their easy handling, the drives support the user not only in optimizing existing frequency-controlled drives, but also in converting fixed-speed drives and in retrofitting. The SINAMICS G120P converter series features advanced hardware and software functions that make a substantial contribution towards saving energy and thus make more careful use of our natural resources.
  • SINAMICS G220 – The SINAMICS G220 frequency converters are equipped with clean power technology. This reduces harmonics by up to 97 percent without the need for line harmonic chokes or DC link chokes. As a result, the Sinamics G220 frequency converters are significantly more efficient in terms of space utilization and operation and make engineering much easier. The new frequency converters are also the first Sinamics drives to join of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, the Siemens-wide business platform for digital transformation. This is because Sinamics G220 frequency converters are also an integral part of the TIA portal and have a digital twin in Startdrive, the commissioning tool for drives. This allows the behavior of the drive to be tested and optimized before the hardware is available. With the integrated web server, commissioning times can also be significantly reduced. The new converters are also equipped with an IIoT module. This means that Sinamics G220 frequency converters can be easily integrated into cloud and edge applications, which increases the transparency of their applications. Availabilities can thus be optimized, and downtime
  • SINAMICS G115D – The new SINAMICS G115D is a powerful drive system that has been specifically designed to address current and future challenges involving horizontal conveyor applications. Typical applications include intralogistics and airports. These markets face challenges such as the volume of demands and parcel shipments, and in environments where space is at a premium. This means that a higher volume must be handled in a shorter time. SINAMICS G115D is the optimum device when addressing all of these requirements as it operates reliably under harsh conditions and takes up little space. It combines a motor, frequency converter and gearbox in one single unit. This all-in-one solution means that it can be easily integrated into existing automation environments. SINAMICS G115D is not just a new distributed drive, but a complete drive system. The SINAMICS G115D comprises a motorfrequency converter and gearbox. The complete package is available in two versions, the motor-mounted and wall-mounted applications. This user-friendly, modular and versatile solution offers dedicated features for conveyor applications, and has an innovative design to make connecting up, commissioning and service very easy.
  • SINAMICS G120D – The SINAMICS G120D distributed converters are the solution for demanding drive tasks especially in the field of conveyor systems. SINAMICS G120D converters continuously control the speed of three-phase asynchronous (induction) motors and fulfill all the requirements of conveyor system applications from simple frequency control through to demanding vector control and positioning requirements. With its intelligent modular design with IP65 degree of protection, it can be seamlessly integrated into the plant or system and supports a high plant availability and low stocks of spare parts. The innovative power unit concept capable of energy recovery helps save energy. The patented implementation concept of the integrated safety functions is unique worldwide and has been extended further, without the use of external components. This drive can be optimally integrated into the Siemens TIA world of automation via PROFIBUS or PROFINET / EtherNet/IP. With different device versions (frame sizes FSA to FSC) in a power range from 0.75 kW to 7.5 kW, it is suitable for a wide variety of drive solutions.
SINAMICS – G115D the new distributed drive system.
Siemens AC Drive
Siemens AC Drive
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