Allen Bradley 800FP-MT44PX02S , 40 mm Twist to Release Emergency Stop Push Button, with Latch and 2 Normally Closed Self Monitoring Screw Contact Blocks

  • 40mm Diameter
  • Red
  • Non Illuminated
  • Twist to Release
  • Plastic
  • Plastic Latch – 800F-ALP
  • 2 Normally Closed Self Monitoring Contact Blocks – 800F-X01S
  • 22mm Cut Out

These 800FP-MT44PX02S E-Stop heads can be used as part of a safety relay circuit to provide a fast and efficient emergency stop function. This emergency stop comes complete with a plastic latch and two normally closed self monitoring contact bllocks. These heads have an IP2X protection rating which defends against electric shock. The operators are 40mm in diameter. They feature trigger action. Integral arrows show clear indication of the clockwise release direction for ease-of-use.

The 800-F family of push-buttons, indicators, and accessories by Allen Bradley is expertly designed and manufactured to meet demanding performance specifications and reduce downtime by quickly and easily alerting personnel of hazards. Each component offers optimal durability and efficacy due to state-of-the-art solid modelling techniques and finite element analysis.

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