800F-1YMD – Allen Bradley 1 Hole Enclosure

Enclosure Yellow Plastic 1 Hole Metric Knockout – 800F-1YMD

  • Yellow Enclosure
  • Plastic
  • 1 Holes


What are the 800F-1YMD and 800F-1YPD enclosures used for?

Which type of contact blocks can be used with these enclosures – latch mounted or base mounted contact blocks?

Will the 800F-X01S Self Monitoring Contact Block fit into these enclosures ?


These enclosures are an extra deep 1 hole plastic enclosure that can be used with up to 2 levels (2 deep) of contact blocks on a 800F operator. In addition, the 800F-X01S Self Monitoring Dual Circuit Contact Block can be used with these enclosures.

The 800F-1YMD has Metric conduit knockouts and the 800F-1YPD has PG conduit knockouts in the base.

The top half of the enclosure is yellow and the bottom half is black and is 16mm deeper than the standard 1 hole 800F-1PP, 800F-1YP or 800F-1PM enclosure.

You would use a 800F-ALP or 800F-ALM

latch, and would use the standard Front mount contact blocks and power modules.

You can not use Base mount contact blocks or power modules with these enclosures.

Note: since the contacts blocks and power modules would be the standard latch mount style, the contact blocks and wires would come out with the cover if the cover would ever be removed.

Below is a sample bill of material to build an E-Stop station in the field using one of these enclosures.

  • 800F-1YMD (Deep plastic enclosure)
  • 800F-LMT44 (Illuminated E-Stop operator)
  • 800F-ALP (Plastic latch for the contact blocks)
  • 800F-N3R (24V Red LED module)
  • 800F-X02D (2 NC contact block)
  • 800F-X10 (1 NO contact block)