Allen-Bradley Guardmaster 442G Multifunctional Access Box

The 442G Multifunctional Access Box from Allen Bradley provides a complete safety solution for safeguarding guard access where full body access to the machine is required. The 442G as a high holding force, wide tolerance to guard misalignment with the option of an escape release option, allowing a person locked in the guarded area to exit safely. In addition to this there is the facility to safeguard the guarded area by attaching padlocks to the device.

The 442G handle incorporates a unique RFID coded bolt actuator, which is only recognized by its associated locking module, making the 442G tamper resistant. Four LEDSs display operational status during normal running, with four outputs indicating door, bolt and lock status as well as diagnostic information for the control system.

The 442G can be customized with up to four controls, an emergency stop push button and pushbuttons or indicators and is available in two models, Power to release or Power to lock.

Right Handed option

Power-to-release M23 (19-pin)  – 442G-MABR-UxM-R

Power-to-release M20 cable entry  – 442G-MABR-UT-R

Power-to-lock M23 (19-pin) 442G-MABL-UxM-R

Power-to-lock M20 cable entry 442G-MABL-UT-R

LeftHanded option

Power-to-release M23 (19-pin)  – 442G-MABR-UxM-L

Power-to-release M20 cable entry  – 442G-MABR-UT-L

Power-to-lock M23 (19-pin) 442G-MABL-UxM-L

Power-to-lock M20 cable entry 442G-MABL-UT-L

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